Do you know why Mombasa should be on your travel list? Then we are here to give you more reasons why you should visit Mombasa. It is with no doubt that Mombasa is the city where every tourist in Kenya would wish to travel.

The city is filled with diverse cultures, exciting places to explore as well as stunning and luxurious hotels for tourists. The scenic and tropical ambiance of the city lures tourists to visit the city before leaving the country. If you have been looking for a place to visit, then Mombasa is the place to travel to. There are a lot of mind-blowing activities to engage in once you reach there.

Below are 8 reasons why you need to visit Mombasa.

  1. Mombasa Predominant weather

Mombasa has a perfect weather that favors diverse mind-blowing activities on the coast. Both international and domestic tourists enjoy the predominant weather spending most of their daytime at the beach basking the sun. Even when raining, tourists still the warm air of Mombasa.

If you have been wondering which city to travel to then Mombasa is the place where the warm and humid climate is expected. Remarkably, you should opt to flock to Mombasa with the whole family and have a splendid experience together.

And by the way, carry your swimming costumes with you because you can’t just waste the time basking in the sun.

  1. Mombasa Historical sites

Mombasa is an old town with lots of things to explore. The eye-catching sites are in plenty hence creating a memorable experience for the tourists. Historians seeking to learn and see different historical sites should never fail to visit Mombasa at one point in time.

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One of the common historical sites is the Fort Jesus, which was built by the Europeans in the 15th century. Also, Jumba La Mtwana is another key site that has immensely contributed and preserved the coastal history.

In the north of Mombasa, Mnarani ruins and Gede Ruins near Malindi are other heritage and tourists’ attractions areas in Mombasa. UNESCO has actually listed Fort Jesus among the World’s heritage sites.

  1. Mombasa Luxurious hotels and Accommodation

It’s disturbing touring a place and receiving poor accommodation. In this case, the whole tour becomes boring and you count a loss to your cash. However, Mombasa has plenty of options when it comes to good hotels and accommodation.

There are different accommodation options for tourists depending on the package they wish to partake. Five-star facilities are in plenty to ensure you get a mind-blowing experience in Mombasa.

Also, there are four-star facilities to ensure you still can come back again to Mombasa.

  1. Wildlife

It’s very unsuspecting to hear wildlife in Mombasa, but, yes! Mombasa has pretty good mamba village where you can go on a safari to. I can really recommend mamba village since my last experience was just superb.

Also, the city hosts Shimba hills National reserve where you can spend time watching the big five. When in Mombasa, you can opt to take a flight to Maasai Mara where you can witness the migration of the wildebeests.

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This is among the wonders of the world and it’s such a superb experience. Just imagine 1.5 million wild beasts migrating alongside thousands of gazelles and zebras.

  1. Sports activities

Outdoor pursuits in Mombasa are common activities done in the Mombasa environs. The weather in Mombasa favors such activities hence you can opt kite surfing in Nyali Beach, diving, swimming and play golf in Ridge. Mombasa is known to be a leading destination in water sports activities.

Reasons why you should visit Mombasa

Check-in Malindi where you can take on snorkeling, deep sea diving, and many more other water sports activities. Some of the leading Mombasa destinations to enjoy these water activities include Malindi Marine National Park, Kisite Mpunguti Marine Park, and Watamu National Reserve.

Moreover, you can enjoy these activities in Mombasa Marine Park. These destinations provide more than enough reasons why you should visit Mombasa

Water lovers who visit Mombasa have an extensive range of mind-blowing activities to participate in. Also, Mombasa is in its league when it comes to events. The city boasts many venues where events can be hosted. You can opt to party at the City Centre, at the beach or maybe in clubs.

  1. Exotic and mouthwatering seafood

Food is an important part of human life. Some of you eat to live while others leave to eat. No matter your reasons for eating, in Mombasa the mouthwatering cuisines are just amazing. Most foods in Mombasa are influenced by the diverse communities in the city.

The Arab cultures, African culture as well the European cultures. Mombasa has become popular all over the world due to the Swahili delicacies prepared to tourists. Mombasa foods are fresh, delicious and flavorful. When visiting Mombasa, you can just pop into one of the luxurious hotels and order Nyama Choma. You won’t be disappointed.

  1. Pristine Mombasa Beaches

For any guest visiting Mombasa, spending time in the beach is a must. Mombasa is a home for breathtaking beaches with the blue waters offering therapeutically relaxation. If you desire to go to a place where you can reduce your stress level, then Diani beach in Mombasa is among the places you should tour to.

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In fact, you can opt to spend your night in a beach resort. The white sandy beaches in Mombasa ensure beach lovers get a stunning experience swimming. Other popular beaches in Mombasa are; Nyali Beach, Bamburi Beach and the famous Diani beach. Notably, whenever you are in Mombasa, you are never far from the beach.

  1. Mombasa Shopping places

With the cultural medley of Africans, Europeans and Arabs, Mombasa have amazing shopping destinations and items to purchase. Beautiful jewelry, crafts, décor items, souvenirs, and clothing are in plenty. One of the most popular items in Mombasa are Swahili sandals. This is because they are made of leather and beads. This excites lots of tourists hence they are mostly worn at the beach.

The stylish shoes are colorful and have plenty of decorations. Also, you can opt to buy the Kenyan fabrics which are available in Mombasa market and curio shops. Some of the best shopping destinations include malls, open markets, and city streets. The Kikois and Lesos are very attracting to women hence you can’t leave without purchasing one.


In conclusion, when done visiting Kenya, always finish your exploration in Mombasa before leaving. There are very many reasons why you should visit Mombasa that you can explore anytime. One thing I can guarantee you that you will always feel coming back to this blessed city in Kenya.

Mombasa is hot-bed of relaxation, fun and Educational Centre. This is because of the diverse communities in the region as well as the historical sites. One famous quote in Swahili says that it’s easier coming to Mombasa but very hard to move out of the city. Reason being? You know better!

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