Rhinos in Kenya

It is not with a doubt that Kenya is a hotbed of tourism development with the rising of Kenya Rhinos. Kenya is an East African leading conservation hub with major sustainable development plans to promote tourism. The rising of Kenya rhinos is as a result of the sustainable conservation practices being implemented left to the right side of Kenya.

So what are the main symptoms of the rising of Kenya rhinos? Recently over the past few days, Kenya has been struggling to relocate rhinos from the highly densely populated conservation areas. The rhinos in Kenya have enjoyed significant protection such that the numbers have gone up from the previous years.

Rhino population in Kenya

The number of black rhinos in Kenya has risen to a total of nine hundred rhinos. Moreover, the highly endangered number of white rhinos in Kenya has risen to five hundred. The rising of Kenya Rhinos has made the leading Kenyan conservation agencies such as the Kenya wildlife service in coordination with other wildlife conservations.

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The population of rhinos further increases because of the fight against wildlife products. Moreover, the communities in Kenya have embraced the fight against poaching of rhinos and elephants because of its highly valued tusks. Trading wildlife tusks in and around Kenya is illegal. Furthermore, you do not need rhino or elephant tusks as these animals need them for survival.

Rhino relocation in Kenya

The rising of Kenya rhino numbers make the conservation agencies to strike a balance of ensuring the rhinos are evenly distributed. Conservation areas that host the highest number of rhinos supply some of the rhinos to low populated conservation areas.

The relocation of rhinos in Kenya occurs from Nairobi national park to other parks such as Tsavo East, Tsavo West, Meru, and Samburu national parks. A few days ago, national park rhinos were relocated to Tsavo national park to increase the number of rhinos in Tsavo region. Nevertheless, the Tsavo national park is the largest national park regarding size hence conducive to accommodate a high number of rhinos.

National parks with a high number of Rhinos

Nairobi national park is a leading national park with the highest number of both black and white rhinos. Moreover, the number of rhinos in Nairobi national park a high as a result of closes monitoring of rhinos population, movement, and health using the latest wildlife conservation technology.

The Nairobi national park host a quarter of the total rhinos in the leading conservation areas.

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Nakuru national park also has a high number of rhinos in Kenya. Nakuru national park has a high number of both black and white rhinos. This is as a result of quality conservation, conducive environment, and sustainable practices.

Best places to spot Rhinos

Kenya being the leading rhino destination is Africa, it has various destinations for you to see and spot rhinos. Among the best places to see rhinos in Kenya include the Olpejeta conservancy, Nakuru national park, and Nairobi national park.

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Other destinations for you to observe the rhinos in Kenya include Amboseli national park. Similarly, you can see more in private conservation areas that conduct research.

Therefore, welcome to the home of rhinos and promote conservation. promote conservation by encouraging responsible travel and fighting tusks business within your area. Serene destination ensures you get the best of responsible travel packages to see, touch, and sustainably conserve rhinos.

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