Memory of a Suffering Safari Traveler

Serene Destination introduces you to the main suffering of travellers. Serene Destination is a world-renowned tour manager’s organization to offer you the best of the world destinations. The world can only be experienced virtually or physically. Therefore, to capture the world back home. You either carry the world with you or the world will always […]

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Safari Secrets in Kenya Serene Destinations

Safari Safari is a touristic experience in a destination with a focus on wilderness, wildlife, and heritage. Touring Safari offers each traveler a different experience that makes you understand different destinations in first hand. Most safaris are well known to happen in Africa based on the African heritage offered in the wilderness and the African […]

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How to save for a tour and holiday

Saving for a Tour Saving plan for a holiday is a financial literacy plan to utilize money outside of your normal place of residence. To save is basically to have an organized system of setting a certain amount of money for a particular project over a duration. Wise travelers understand the saving plan is the […]

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How to plan for a good holiday

Planning for a Holiday Planning for a holiday is the scaring process for most travelers across the world. Did you know this is why tour operators and travel agents were discovered? Holiday planning process involves a process of decision making and evaluating preferences. Similarly, planning for a holiday is a tedious activity of understanding factors […]

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Maasai Mara Africa Best Park

Maasai Mara Overview Maasai Mara Wonders are the tourism occurrences that everyone should check out for. The Maasai Mara is a world wonder located in Kenya. The world wonder is savannah wilderness park that borders Tanzania Serengeti National park. Similarly, the Maasai Mara world wonder is an all year round serene destination offering a true […]

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Where do you want to Travel to?

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