Saving for Travel

Save for Travel to enjoy life. Life can be exhilarating if you decide to enjoy it. It is commonly said, ‘You Only Live Once,’ life is what you make of it. Mostly we hide behind our employers’ goals and mission, tiresomely trying our level best to leave an impression on our bosses. We enslave ourselves for better pay or higher rank in the company or organization we are working for. Little do we realize we got to spare some time for ourselves and leave an impression and live our lives.

Friends of Life

It is important to create a stronger rapport with our friends or loved ones. This expands your mind with a new experience and you become more enlightened. Friends are necessary when you mistakenly lose your ideal job or get much pressure from work.

You unwind or feel much livelier when you connect with your buddies. You also feel fresh when you connect with nature since it has a healing impact on human. So that is what I later came to realize, after living a pile type of life with work. The boredom comes when you also fail to incorporate your friends and family members in exploration.

Save for Travel

A way to unwind from my busy scheduled life was to have an adventure through traveling to various destinations. Aha! Serene Destination so to say, was the beginning of my fun-filled life. Similarly, I developed a getaway savings account to adequately cater for my traveling strategies. The plan was to ensure I don’t spend any of my coins without proper planning.

After a great search for a company to help me travel, I luckily got connected with a tour company by the name Serene Destination. The connection came from a close family friend. Nevertheless, this made me embarked on a touristic adventure with my friends. Serene Destination offered us a list of various destinations for touring.

serene travel

Travel Plan

However, we merged our wish list destinations and developed a visit plan with the company. To Save for Travel enable you to make a good package. The company similarly offers fantastic Safari destinations for both local and International tourists by providing pocket-friendly packages. The packages motivated us to travel and built our desire to save for travel. This motivated me to embark on an adventure galore.

tour package

Adventure Experience

My first adventure was a hike in the Rift Valley of Kenya at Mt. Long’onot. The once volcanic mountain is now dusty with gutters formed by the currently solidified molten lava suitable for hikers. The lava flowed down the mountain, formed an ideal path for nature lovers and mountaineers and hikers.

Cautiously hiking behind our tour guide, we enjoyed the beautiful nature and escarpments; loving and marveling at God’s creation. At long last, we get to the top of the mountain painting and dusty but glad to have faced my phobia for heights. We steal quick photos from mother-nature and freely view the crater that was formed after eruptions of the mountain stopped. However, the main challenge was going around the crater.

Panoramic View

Every person that visit the mountain desires to visit the peak for a panoramic view. The peak “Kilele Ngamia” marks the epitome of nature and human convergence.’ Nevertheless, it is a challenge to get to kilele the Peak. But consequently, the main challenge lies in climbing the mountain.

Completing going around the mountain was paramount. The fun and bonding experienced was awesome. Aside from the enjoyment, I was able to face my fears, test my patience and determination skills. Moreover, I know how strong and healthy my body is when exposed to challenges and way to overcome new challenges in life. I appreciate myself more for I know I am strong.



Take away

I can walk for over 14 kilometers without despair or breakdown. If I conquered my first hiking challenge at Long’onot Mountain, I can face any other challenge that life. My friend circle increased, and I have lots of beautiful photos for myself. Similarly, my friends and family have learnt that they have they don’t live an ordinary life. I live exceptionally and awesomely as God is, and created me to be.


Take life simple and tour as much as you can. The world is a book that you need to open the first page to experience the beauty and explore. Learn to save the little you get to enjoy an extraordinary life. Test your fears and go out. Join friends and family to make a good profile. Find a travel partner and explore the world.