Safari is a touristic experience in a destination with a focus on wilderness, wildlife, and heritage. Touring Safari offers each traveler a different experience that makes you understand different destinations in first hand. Most safaris are well known to happen in Africa based on the African heritage offered in the wilderness and the African culture. However, tour experience has for a long time been associated with the experience with the wildlife in Africa.

Best travelers in the world know that a safari is a blend of nature, wildlife, and authentic experience in a good destination. For a long time, East Africa has been the leading safari destination in the world. East Africa is a section is located in the horn part of Africa. East Africa countries comprise of Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. These three countries are home to the best of safari destinations.

Maasai Culture

Serene Safari destinations

East Africa being the home of the world safari destination, you should know the best safari destination.  Let us start with the most diverse safari destination in the word. Kenya is home to the best safari destinations in the world. Particularly, Kenya has been previously voted as the best wildlife safari destination along the best destinations in the world.


The best safari destinations in Kenya include the Maasai Mara, Amboseli, and Samburu. This country being the leading safari destinations has been promoted by the diverse wildlife variety. Moreover, Kenya safaris are packed with daily surprises that include bush animal games, cultural dances, and very many other attractions.

Particularly, Kenya safaris are climaxed with the wildebeest migration in the Maasai Mara. Maasai Mara migration is the gist of world tourism experiences. Here at serene destination, we usually have daily departure to the Maasai Mara for our travelers to experience the best of Africa Safaris. Did you know the Maasai Mara is among the best destinations in the world? Let’s keep this for another day.

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They say you can never go in the Maasai Mara. This is the only park you can enjoy a game drive in the real African heritage. The park is covered with a true wilderness with savannah grassland. The park offers the big five and much more wild heritage.


Tanzania is another leading safari in the world. In Tanzania, safaris are known based on the best wildlife in the national parks and beach safaris. Some of the leading safari destinations in Tanzania include Serengeti and Ngorongoro conservation crater. Similarly, Tanzania is also known as Lake Manyara national park, Arusha, Tarangire, and Darsalam. These some of the leading serene destinations we offer with the best safari secrets.

Serengeti is a leading serene destination in Tanzania. Serengeti is the home to the wildebeests that migrate from Tanzania to Kenya in the Maasai Mara. The leading safari package in east Africa is the Maasai Mara Serengeti package. This package ensures the traveler enjoy the African heritage and the wilderness.


Uganda is another tourism pack that offers you a unique experience. This country has the best parks for gorilla safaris. The leading serene destination in Uganda include Kibale national park, Mgahinga gorilla national park, and mauchison falls national park. Particularly, Kibale national park offers rainforest environment that makes you enjoy the wild serenity.

Moreover, Kibale national park offers wild safaris complimented by a family of chimpanzees. Did you chimpanzees have 98% human DNA? Chimpanzees are prone to human hunt making them few and protected. You can find chimpanzees closely in Nanyuki Kenya, Uganda, and Rwanda.

Mgahinga gorilla national park is known for the African gorillas that are a rare species. You can also finde these gorillas in Rwanda as mountain gorillas. They are animals under protection from poachers. Mauchison falls National Park is a leading serene destination with beautiful falls. The falls offer a relaxing environment for you and your loved one.


Tour Operators

Most tour operators in the world offer safari packages across the world best destinations but fail to give the traveler the key secrets. Each safari has particular secrets, but there is a general secret that each traveler should know. The safari secrets focus on ensuring that each traveler enjoys their tour and can have long-lasting memories.

Tour operators should mainly ensure that each package offers the best of safari experience. Have you ever wondered why the tourism industry always is an experienced industry? The answer is based on safari secrets in each safari package. Therefore, each tour should understand that a tour package is an organization of safari experiences

In compiling a tour package, tour operators should begin by understanding the travelers. Understanding the traveler ensure the tour operator develop the right safari secret to meet the traveler desire. Similarly, tour operators should professionally compile the safari package by understanding the destination secrets.

The secrets

So what are the critical tour and safari secrets? The main safari secret is the time. Time safari secret is not the common time you plan and trip. The main safari secret serene destination is giving you the appropriate time to enjoy the fullness of a safari.


The best time to see the game hunt; to enjoy lion’s hunt; to see cheetahs tactically crawl and speed on the antelopes. Moreover, time secret includes the best time to wake up for sunrise to identify the best game surprises.

In Africa, we have noted through our research that most wild animals hunt between six in the evening and seven in the morning. Therefore, time is the main secret that you should identify in any tour package to ensure you enjoy the fullness of your package.

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Time secret ensures each traveler never go wrong. More often, you will hear of a friend who traveled to a destination but failed to meet the ultimate travel goal. The reason you will find these complaints is that the traveler came across a tour operator that does not understand secret time value. Therefore, ensure you learn your preference and the best time to spot your goal.


An itinerary is a road map of activities in a safari. Similarly, an itinerary is a plan of time, budget, and activities that fall under each package. Itinerary safari secret lies in the professionalism of putting down the right activities in the right manner. To have the right itinerary, the secret further lies in having a competent tour operator.

Competent tour operators understand the secret in listing the preferred activities at the right time. Certain activities require the tour operator to understand time value as a key safari secret to achieve the goal.

The tour operator should know certain activities are well enjoyable at the particular time. For example, best east Africa safaris are enjoyed very early in the morning and late in the evening.

Itinerary safari secret should be maximized by ensuring the operator and travelers understand the plan. The operator should know the basics of developing a skeleton and detailed itinerary. Operators should avoid tour backtracking. Similarly, Tour backtracking involves repeating the same route severally. Backtracking reduces experience diversity.

Plan your itinerary by ensuring you understand the destination you desire to tour. Understanding each destination by doing due diligence on the net just as you found us. Research on google that may give you better directions to avoid backtracking and list activities. Finally, itinerary research prepares you to enjoy the destination before your actual tour virtually.


The best secret to enjoying a good safari has a fun guide. Touring safaris are always enjoyable with an informing, friendly, and of course a funny tour guide. Excellent tour guides hold the key secrets to wilderness, heritage, and park. Mainly, tour guides understand the main areas that hide certain animals that may be your ultimate reason for choosing that safari.

Tour Guide

During the initial planning of your itinerary, ensure you pick the most experienced guide for a particular destination. Some of these tourism destinations have private secrets such as how to maneuver traffic and best positions to enjoy your safari.

At the serene destination, we have specialized in having particular guides for different safaris. Moreover, Certain tour guides are wildlife specialist, beach specialists, cultural specialist, and many more.

Nonetheless, serene destination management ensures all tour guides are people with vast experience to meet the need of each package. Therefore, whenever you are engaging your tour operator, ensure they schedule the best guide for your package. An excellent tour guide will also give you more tips to include in your tour package.

The best part of enjoying an African safari is that the tour is full of surprises. The surprises in African safari come with the natural environment such as welcoming weather. Moreover, Africa is the only safari destination you can enjoy the unpaid cultural lifestyle. Some of the destinations cover night cultural dances, beach cultural games, and street cultural shows. Therefore, learn your secret, list it in your next plan, and engage the right tour operator.


A Safari in African offer a touristic experience to enjoy the wilderness, wildlife and destination beauty. The main secrets you should observe include time, itinerary and experienced fun tour guide. Identify and let us help you. Let us take you there!