Friday has been declared a Public Holiday

Guys lets storm the city destination Nairobi National park with this short holiday notice. We plan to dig deep in the Nairobi National park; here we will make sure we wake up the lions, rhinos, giraffes, buffalos, cheetahs, elephants and even the deep water hippos.

Why should we take advantage of this short holiday?

We need to help our Muslim brothers enjoy Idd-Ul-Fitr holiday that they have denied themselves food to pray for us.

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*Let’s help them by enjoying; learning what is it in this park known as the only national park in a capital city.

Did you by the way know Nairobi national park is the only national park in a capital city in the whole world?

Know this well by touring it on Friday. Just a day to enjoy, rejuvenate, exhilarate, unwind, and introduce the week.

We are serene destination; so come along with those workmates, babe, family, little siz, crush, but usiseme we made you enjoy deep in the forests of the park.

When should we fix the time?

It should be from 0700 hours morning

To what time?

  • We should have our lunch in there tutoke before 5:00 PM ndio tupige sunset shots at the bush gates.

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What should we carry?

  • Carry legal stuff only. Don’t forget I.D or passport kaa wewe ni tourists kaa sisi.
  • Don’t forget your camera ata kaa ni Oppo phone,
  • Na pia your snack to cheer with your fellow tourists

What is in the package?

  • Tutakulipia Transport yote; to, from, and everywhere your tour with us
  • Entrance ya national park
  • Game drive; usishangae watu husemana we don’t tour
  • Group photo utapata pia

What not included in this tour by the way?

* Pesa ya meals utajipanga please; hatutaki ukule choma usime tulikubuyia

*Insurance; usicheze na rhino usime tulikulipia mchezo

Stuffs not listed in the inclusive list jisort pia

Ni how much?

* Imagine ni kama tour take away! Ksh. 2900 pekee!!!!

* Watu wa East Africa Kaa sio Kenyans ni 3900 pekee pia

* Wazungu na international people! 78 dollars

Kuna kitu ingine?

  • Panga friends wako
  • Keep time tujibambe
  • Tutaingia carnivore na KWS house for Nyama choma
  • Tutajinice mbaya!

Before we forget Tunatapana wapi hiyo day?

Tunameet CBD hapa Jeevangee Gardens please


Wanasemanga Africans don’t travel yet they work and earn: Let’s prove them we own the land!


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