Serene Destination introduces you to the main suffering of travellers. Serene Destination is a world-renowned tour manager’s organization to offer you the best of the world destinations. The world can only be experienced virtually or physically. Therefore, to capture the world back home. You either carry the world with you or the world will always carry you with itself.

Carrying the World

How do you carry the world with you? The best and the easiest way to carry the world is by fitting it in your gallery or album. As world travellers ensure you have the best photos of each and every destination, you visit. They say a picture speaks a thousand words. But how true is this? The reality of the world is that you know what you only have seen, heard or visited.

The reality about a picture carrying a thousand words is real. Pictures capture the best of travel. Back to our topic, you know where you visited, heard, and seen. Serene Team has planned a thousand tours to travellers that have explored Africa and particularly Kenya. Moreover, a visit to Kenya, for example, gives an opportunity to take away Kenyan memories.

Kenyan Gallery

The take away Kenyan memories include photos of the beautiful people. Similarly, if you love safari, Kenya is the best destination to take away the best world memory about safari. Moreover, you can only take away physical memories if you capture the moment that you are having the experience. More often, people travel to have an experience.

Tour Guide


An experience such as a safari experience offers many opportunities. Safari travellers can capture the best of the wilderness. The best of the wilderness can be the beautiful wildlife, serene savanna destinations, and bush meals. These are perfect opportunities to capture. You capture the fun investment in the wild.

Travel Mistake

The world greatest mistake a traveller would do is to tour without a camera. The camera can be hired, provided by your travel partner as Serene Photography department has always done, or possess your own. These gadgets enable you to enjoy the world. This is the way to carry the world with you.

Those travellers that allow the world always to carry them fail to have travel secrets. Carry the world by having the right safari secret.

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The world is a beautiful Serene, free friend. If you and your travel partner invest in travel without investing in taking away memories, learn the travel secret. The world has beautiful sceneries free for you. Enjoy these sceneries with yourself at the destination and home.

In serene, we offer free group photos to create group memories. Moreover, the benefit you gain is to remember the feeling you had while travelling. But if you fail to capture the moments, you will suffer memory desire disease of wishes.

Travel Memory

The worse travel mistake is to create an illusion memory in the air. The illusion memory is made of destination sketch that travellers create after many years of travelling. However, the illusion memory is different from taking away memory.

The illusion memory fails to give you the right idea of the destination. Moreover, the illusion memory also does not give you the right travel feeling owing to the experience. Travel recuperation memory is created by having take away videos and pictures. These take away are graphical pictures. Graphical pictures rub off the illusion memory and give you take away lasting memory.

A lasting feeling is a good travel memory that every traveller treasure. Travel feeling has been found to heal certain emotional diseases. Nevertheless, Treasures that heal should be taken well and kept for long-term benefits.

Jack Suffering Traveler

Therefore, allow the world to fill in your pocket. Carry the best memories with you around the world. Recently, Serene received a client that made a return tour to Kenya after sixty-two years. However, the traveller has an excruciating suffering that he made when he was twenty year.

The traveller by the code name Jack suffered the uncaptured memories. Jack, the suffering traveller, made the booking to heal from the memories he never took sixty-two years ago. The suffering was painful because he never took photos with his late wife.

Serene Safaris

The two travellers had visited Kenya as a new couple but enjoyed the honeymoon. Nevertheless, they had not taken any photos to remind them of Kenya. Therefore, Jack had to make the bold step to travel at old age to capture memories. Jack not only wanted to heal emotionally but also to show his grandchildren.

Serene Gone Memories

Jack wanted to keep the good memories of the serene destinations they had visited with the late wife. Jack reminds us at the office of how they were in love while in Kenya. He told us of the many safaris they enjoyed in Samburu, Mombasa, Maasai Mara, and the famous authentic man-eaters of the Tsavo national park.

The two serene world travellers had enjoyed love a country that was not developed. Therefore Jack was also suffering even after visiting Kenya. He would suffer because he narrates in his own words that “This is not the Kenya My wife and I visited, I wish I took the memories of the true Kenyan and African Heritage that we enjoyed.”

Jack wish if only he had the chance to travel again to the old Kenya he and the wife enjoyed. Jack was also suffering from the world carrier disease of people that travel without a camera. To avoid such mistakes, let Serene keep you posted. Learn how to plan for a holiday.

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Keep your memories with you. You may not miss to see them, but you will miss to show the world when old. Serene will ensure you know better, keep it right and remind you of old age.


The serene world destinations offer free memory. Let the world carry you, or you carry the world. Take memories during your travel. Have a camera. Hire from your travel partner as Serene Photography department does and take the best shots. Enjoy the world with a plan for long term benefits.