Mombasa is a city in Kenya, East Africa. It is a cosmopolitan tourist hub offering exotic tourist attraction centres. This city is a hotbed of world history and variety of diverse cultures.

The city is filled with architectural designs from Arabs, Portuguese, Asians, Arabic, British as well as Chinese immigrants.

Tourists from all over the world most importantly come to enjoy history as well as beach resorts Serene Destination offers you various destinations to tour while in Mombasa.

Moreover, we have diverse destinations for you around the Kenyan and Tanzanian coast. Below is a list of best places to visit in Mombasa.

Best places to tour in Mombasa

  1. Coastal beaches

Do you want to enjoy the ocean water sports? Worry no more because Mombasa is the best place to visit. Enjoy the busy line up of sporting activities- from sailing, windsurfing, parasailing and water snorkelling.

The Mombasa’s coastline is a place filled with sun-bleached beaches with a sight of natural beauty. Tourists visiting Mombasa can spend their time sprawling under rustling palms, watch the wildlife in the rainforests as well as sun-bathe.

In the past decades, tourists flock to Diani Beach, Tiwi Beach and Shelly Beach to enjoy the beautiful beachscapes.

Notably, the north coast of Mombasa is livelier compared to the south coast of Mombasa. This is because the north coast is nearer to Mombasa city and neighbours the airport.

In this case, entertainment venues, water sports and splendid resorts are guaranteed since there are a lot of tourist attraction sites. Remarkably, Nyali beach should be your first stop when travelling the northern coastal line.

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  1. Fort Jesus

Fort Jesus is a Portuguese military architectural building built in 1593 to 1596 by the Portuguese. It is one of the top tourist attraction places in Mombasa is a recognition from UNESCO. The fort Jesus is among the best places to tour in Mombasa.

The Fort Jesus world heritage site is built with a design that resembles the shape of a man hence receiving the name Jesus for religious reference. This site is partially ruined; however, a museum was built over the former barracks for the garrison.

Nonetheless, the museum exhibits a variety of cultural artefacts. Some of the collections include ceramics, pottery as well as Omani jewels.

Inside the ruined fort, it houses the Omani house which possesses artefacts that display the Swahili life  The Fort Jesus is located in Ndia Kuu, Mombasa.

  1. Mamba village

Mamba village is the biggest crocodile farm in Kenya. The crocodile numbers make mamba village among the best places to tour in Mombasa. Also, it is East Africa’s largest crocodile farm hence among the best places to visit in Mombasa.

Best places to tour in Mombasa


Tourists seeking to learn the behaviour as well as the life cycle of crocodiles should opt not to lack a chance of visiting the place.

The most exciting moments in mamba village is watching the crocodiles fight for food during feeding time. Also, the centre provides the tourists with a horse-back ride and a view of aquatic plants in the botanical garden.

Mamba village centre also offers game meat from crocodile, zebra as well as ostrich. Graduated carnivorous tourist would surely love the place!

  1. Haller park

The Haller Park named after Dr. Rene Haller transforming the limestone quarries into a surviving nature reserve. Moreover, the park is ideal for those who love animals.

Dr. Haller introduced a fish farm as well as created a wildlife park. The animals were introduced is such a way that they have a function in the ecosystem. Examples of animals that exists here are; zebras, giraffes, buffalo, waterbucks and hippos. Moreover, over 160 species of birds are in the park.

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Similarly, the birds include; cranes, storks, pelicans and weaver birds. Neighbouring the Haller Park is the Nguuni Wildlife Sanctuary full of giraffes, ostriches, eland, Oryx and other species of birds. It’s worth noting that these two sites are one of the best picnic sites to visit in Mombasa.

  1. Mombasa go – kart

The Mombasa go – kart is located in Bamburi, Mombasa. It is known to attract speedsters and kids of all ages. If you’re interested in learning how to dig in a Bobcat excavator, then Mombasa go-kart is the place to be.

Mombasa go – kart activities make a good compile of the best places to tour in Mombasa. After the event, you can opt to have a snack at the family restaurant watching sporting events in big-screens.

Also, children can participate in the exciting computer games or play in the fields.

  1. The Bombululu workshops and cultural centre

This is a workshop designed by the physically disabled people aim to provide diverse tribal dances. Cultural centres are not only best places to tour in Mombasa but also Kenya leading tourism attractions.

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At Bombolulu workshops and cultural centre, shops sell handcraft souvenirs e.g. jewellery, wood carvings, leather crafts as well as textiles. Moreover, tourists visiting the Bombululu workshops and cultural centres get a chance to explore the traditional homesteads found in Kenya. Similarly, the centre has a restaurant where tourists can get a variety of foods and snacks.

  1. Arabuko-Sokoke natural forest

This is the last remaining indigenous forest in East Africa. This forest is an awesome picnic spot for both residents and visitors. The indigenous forest is a home to rare animal species such as butterflies and birds.

Moreover, there are amphibians and plants that provide accommodation for diverse wildlife. For tourist wishing to see the rare mammals such as the bushy-tailed mongoose then they need to visit Arabuko-Sokoke natural forest.

  1. Watamu

About 112 kilometres from Mombasa, is a renowned fishing village of Mombasa. Tourists looking for other activities to get engaged in other than snorkelling and diving should opt to visit Watamu to relax on the beach and wind-surf.

Watamu neighbours one of the most popular tourist attraction sites i.e. Arabuko-Sokoke forest, Malindi national reserve and the Gede Ruins.

In fact, even with the name itself, the place sounds fun. Watamu is a Swahili word meaning sweetness and pleasure. With this, a lot of sweetness is experienced in the place.

Moreover, Watamu national reserve is in the list of Africa leading turtle conservation centre. The destination is among the best places to tour in Mombasa and the Kenyan coast based on water sports.

Nevertheless, you tend to enjoy conserving turtles and learn more about the aquatic history.

  1. Gede Ruins

Gede ruins is one of the ancient Arab town in the lush rainforest. It was rebuilt in the 15th and the 16th century. Inside, the great palace, the mosque, pillar tombs and coral-stone houses have been unearthed.

The Gede ruins display the traditional Swahili drawings on the walls. Gede ruins have Chinese porcelain and glazed earthenware from Persia which signals the existence of trade links. These items are usually out on display in the same venue.


Touring the Kenyan coast is one of the best destinations in Africa. Moreover, the Kenyan coast led by Mombasa has the best places for you and the entire touring family. The best places to tour in Mombasa are not only good but diverse to ensure you enjoy your stay. The coast has more tour destinations not listed here.

Here you will tour, learn, enjoy, and sunbathe in the warm weather.

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