Top Tourism Destination Ranking

Did you know last month top tourism destination rankings were released to make you informed on the best destinations? Top tourism destination ranking done by the United Nations World Tourism Organization has raised the position of some countries while some have deteriorated.

The top tourism destination ranking is based on various factors such as tourism arrivals, numbers, and tourists spending.

Among the best-improved countries are Spain, Brazil, and Kenya. Spain has overtaken France which has been the world tourism leader by numbers. Moreover, Spain has significantly surpassed the United States of America by far.

However, President Trump has continued to slump the surprise. Similarly, Brazil has also improved its world ranking by adventure compared to Italy, its longtime competitor.

2017 World Top Ten Leading Tourism Countries

  1. France

France Is the most popular country in the world. Moreover, France is also the most visited destination around the globe. However, Paris, France most popular destination is ranked fifth among the leading tourism cities.

France is known for fine wines, beautiful coastal locations, and scenic attractions. The country attracted more than 83.7 million Tourists

  1. United States of America

The United States of America is significantly a popular tourist destination. The country tourism has been credited to its urban lifestyle, extravagant diversity, nature and diverse attractions. Moreover, the united states of America enjoy the highest tourists spending in the world.

  1. Spain

Spain is among the leading tourism destinations by business. However, Spain is known to attract most Latin Americans. The country enjoys beautiful nature, relaxing coastal environment that attracts a huge number of tourists.

The country further has a huge spending per tourist visit. The approximate country visit is usually 65 million visitors.

  1. China

China has improved its world tourism ranking based on economic development. The country leads in exportation and second in importations based on the population size.

Moreover, the country is known to have good relations with other countries hence attract tourists across the world. Therefore, China comes forth with 55.6 million tourists.

  1. Italy

Italy close top five most visited countries in the world. The country is popular based on its legacies such as canals of Venice, Piazzas sights, cool climate, good cuisines, and romantic coast. The country enjoys the world love hence receive 52.4 Million tourists.

  1. United Kingdom

The United Kingdom takes position six based on its great Scotland attractions. Beautiful London towers, historical wines, coastal beaches, and beautiful nature. The region receives 35.8 million tourists who are still growing.

  1. Germany

Germany is a beautiful summer destination. The country enjoys beautiful nature, industrial development, and high ranked attractions.

  1. Mexico

Mexico is a country on the rise in terms of tourism. The country is known for the thrilling nightlife, exotic beaches, beautiful forests, and lovely natural attractions. The country is known to enjoy foreign love based on the Spanish language hence attracting 35 million tourists.

  1. Thailand

Thailand is known for diverse marine life, attractive coast, experiential nightlife, and attractive cities. The country attracts 32.6 million tourists and continues to rise in the rank.

  1. Turkey

Turkey is known to promote its business tourism and has a lot of heritage tourism for the world travelers. Moreover, the country has a lot of urban tourism.

However, the world tourism rankings have led to the improvement of regional tourism rankings. The rankings further continue to be specialized to give tourists more reasons to know the right destination to visit based on the desired activities.

For example, the latest tourism rankings have given out world ranking based on adventure tourism. This is with a target to make adventurers know the leading adventure destinations in the world

Top Ten Adventure Countries in the world






Costa Rica

New Zealand




The world tourism rankings have significantly contributed to tourist decision making. Therefore, we have listed these destinations to aid you in making an informed choice for the purpose of your travel.

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Serene Destination frequently receives inquiries on the best destinations to visit in Africa and therefore let’s give you the latest tourism destination ranking in Africa.

Most African countries are visited based on their heritage, culture, and cuisines. Also, note the Africa tourism destination ranking number below is based on world leading 2018 tour firms and not United Nation World Tourism Organization.

2018 Top Five leading Destinations in Africa


Mauritius leads the African continent based on attractions. The leading attractions in Mauritius include port Luis, grand baie, chamarel, Rodrigues. Moreover, the country is known for its beautiful sceneries and breathtaking attractions that include mountains, serene forests, sand beaches, and wild waterfalls. It is a destination worth visiting.

South Africa

South Africa has been the leading tourism destination in Africa but has faced serious competition from the upcoming destinations. The country is known for its heritage and ranging attractions that include the city of Cape Town and Johannesburg. Similarly, the South Africa leading national for heritage is called Kruger National park that offers great game drives. Durban is also a spectacular destination to visit.


Morocco is a cool African country that is known for its diverse attractions that include Marrakesh Medina, Hassan mosque, Fes el Bali, Tangier and many more.

The country prides itself on the entertaining cities that offer pleasant outdoor cafes and tours to the old towns. Morocco is a rising tourist destination not only in Africa but across the world.


Egypt is another leading tourism destination in Africa known for its beehive of activities that include culture, adventure, and city tours. The country prides itself in the Pyramids of Giza, Luxor’s Karnak Temple, and the valley of Kings.

Moreover, the country enjoys a huge visit in the city of Cairo, Aswan, Abu Simbel, museums, white desert, and Siwa Oasis.


Kenya is a leading East and Centra Africa tourism destination. The country is in the tourism destination ranking based on its spectacular tourism based on the country legendary safari experience, heritage, culture, cuisines, city tours, and diverse wildlife. Moreover, the country is highly ranked in having the best beach holidays in Africa.

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Diani beach is a leading beach destination in the world. Nonetheless, the best tourism wonder is known to be in Kenya where there is more than two million wildebeest migration in the famous Maasai Mara.

3 days Maasai Mara Safari

The country has a very attractive climate, hospitable people, and diverse attractions to visit. It is a must visit destination while in Africa.

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