Lake Nakuru National Park

Have you been to the famous Lake Nakuru National Park, Kenya? Lake Nakuru National Park Tour Experience, Kenya offers the best of tourism in and around East Africa. Lake Nakuru national park is a premium ranked destination by the national government of Kenya.

The rank of Lake Nakuru national park is based on the value the park offers to Kenya and East Africa tourism. So what is it that makes Lake Nakuru national park a premium destination? First, you should know the lake is commonly known as the “pink lake” and a “wildlife haven.”

Lake Nakuru National Park Tour Experience, Kenya

The lake has various aspects that make it premium but for now, let me give you an insight of the premium park.


Lake Nakuru National Park is located in the great rift valley of Kenya. The Lake Nakuru is a soda lake in the south of Nakuru county of Kenya. However, Lake Nakuru national park is highly protected by the Kenya Wildlife Service based on the animal and natural value.

Lake Nakuru national park is approximately located 156 kilometres northwest of Kenya capital city. The park is easily assessable using tour vans and safari cars.

Climate experience in the premium park

The lake Nakuru national park climate is cool. The cool climate is based on the lake. However, the lake is sometimes hot during the dry season. The lake receives approximately 980mm rainfall which is a little bit below the common rainfall across Kenya.

Best of Lake Nakuru National Park

Lake Nakuru National Park Tour Experience, Kenya is covered by one of the best wildlife in the country. Owing to the lake nickname as the “Pink Lake,” Lake National Park is covered by high numbers of flamingoes.

Lake Nakuru National Park Tour Experience, Kenya

The pink flamingoes cover the shores of the lake. Moreover, the flamingoes further cover the surrounding areas. In a previous study, the lake was recorded to host approximately one million seven hundred thousand flamingoes. The flamingoes include both lesser and greater flamingoes for those of you who know ornithology. I should let you know ornithology is basically the study of birds.

Birding in Lake Nakuru National Park

Moreover, Lake Nakuru national park comprises one of the best and diverse bird species. The renowned premium national park is a sanctuary of over 400 bird species. The most common birds include the greater flamingoes that dwell in the shores of the lake. The great white pelican is also a common bird that is easily identifiable in the lake. Similarly, the greater blue-eared starling is a common bird that has a very attractive blue colour reflecting the skies.

Also in the Lake Nakuru, you will further spot the Hottentot teal bird. The hottetot bird gives birdwatchers a great experience to study and view the hotness of these rare birds but plenty in Lake Nakuru. Huge flocks, kingfisher, and oxpeckers are among the birds’ species to identify in the park.

Lake Nakuru National Park Tour Experience, Kenya

The experience in Lake Nakuru national park includes hidden in the serenity of the environment. Moreover, the lake has various treasures that include wildlife. Let me give you a list of treasured wildlife in this magnificent premium park. The park is known for the African animals that include the buffalos that are huge in numbers.

The buffalos offer a good view of another bird species called egrets. The egrets depend on the buffalos. Nonetheless, the buffalo egrets feed on ticks and small insects that the buffalo unravel as it walks and feeds in the bushes.  Furthermore, in Lake Nakuru national park you will find other wildlife that includes the endangered black rhinos hence making the park is highly protected.

Impalas, waterbucks, elands, and common zebras are among the plenty of wildlife to see in Lake Nakuru national park. Also, the lake hosts the white rhinos that are a rarely spotted compared to the black rhinos. Another surprise the park animal in the park host is the leopard. The leopard is a tree cat that is easily identified on trees.

Lake Nakuru National Park Tour Experience, Kenya

Rothschild giraffes are also among the countless wildlife to spot. The giraffes enjoy feeding on the plenty of acacia trees in the park. Owing to the fact the park host a lake, Hippos are other animals to identify quickly. The hippos are located in the northern part of the lake. Finally, the lake park host elephants, warthogs and the most hidden king of the jungle, Mr Lion. This wildlife is protected just for people like you.

Tour experience

To enjoy a thrilling game drive in Lake Nakuru, ensure you receive an excellent safari package. The package should focus on time secret to spot the wildlife.

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The best time to spot most of the highlighted animals include the early morning and in the evening. These periods allow a person to see animals hunt, feed, and enjoy early morning sunshine. However, you can also choose to spend the night in the park cottages.

The park cottages allow a person to see wildlife such as the elephants next to the fence of the accommodation. The Kenya Wildlife Service bandas are located in the middle part of the park to give you a chance to feel the lifestyle of the wild. Some of the best packages focus on wildlife, the lake, and birding.

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In the park, you will further enjoy the evergreen vegetation. This is a real African heritage serene destination. The park provides a cliff to ensure visitors enjoy a breathtaking moment. The Baboon viewpoint displays a panoramic view of the entire lake ecosystem. Moreover, you can visit the Makalia waterfalls.

However, another travel secret to Lake Nakuru national park includes combining your safari with other destinations affiliated to Lake Nakuru national park. The package can combine Lake Naivasha. Lake Naivasha is considered to be the cleanest lake in the Great Rift Valley. You can tour the seven lake system and Bogoria national park.

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Lake Nakuru National Park Accommodations

Whilst in the park, you can opt to be accommodated in the lodges and hotels. Some of the serene hotels in Lake Nakuru national park include Lake Nakuru lodge and Merica hotels. Moreover, the park hosts the famous Sarova Lions Hill Lodge.

You can also spend the night in Naivasha Banda. Also in Camps Makalia and Backpackers. Some other accommodations in Nakuru include Rhino camp, Soysambu, Nyati which means buffalo, Nyuki which means bees. Moreover, you can spend in other camps like Reedbuck and Chui which means cheetah.

Furthermore, you can spend in the most hotel saturated town of Nakuru and around the park. Some of the best hotels around include Lake Naivasha country club, Lake Naivasha Sopa Lodge, and Naivasha Samba lodge.

The best time to Tour Lake Nakuru National Park

The best time to Tour Lake Nakuru National Park is all year round. However, the recommended season include January to March season. Similarly, June to September is another perfect season to enjoy the best of the premium Nakuru national park.

The best way to book a safari to Nakuru is by booking online through our trusted portal that could be having promotional tours to Lake Nakuru national. Moreover, you can join serene destination weekly tours to Lake Nakuru National Park.

Let’s take you there!

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