Mount Longonot Hike Details

The Mt Longonot National Park in the Great Rift Valley, which is approximately 73 kilometers from Nairobi. The mountain has the best views of the crater while at its peak. Mount Longonot is an adventurous scenic National Park and a popular destination for hikers and fair trail climbers. As you ascend, you’ll have a great panoramic view of the Rift Valley Escarpments and a chance to see a variety of wildlife.

Don’t forget Longonot mountain also place you at an advantage space to appreciate fresh breeze from the rift valley lakes system. Moreover, Mount Longonot is a stratovolcano rising over Lake Naivasha hence commanding great lake views. An enormous caldera lies at its base, and the mountain contains several lava caves on its steep slopes. Make your way around the caldera. The view from the caldera of Mt. Longonot is breathtaking.

Mount Longonot is one of the most popular trekking sites in Kenya. ‘ You may take a break from Nairobi’s hustle and bustle by trekking up Mt. Longonot. The Great Rift Valley will be visible along the journey. During the hike, take advantage of the opportunity to see tiny creatures and birds and the beautiful scenery. And as you hike, there are several antelopes, including giraffes, warthogs, and zebras to look out for while hiking.

As our driver traverse you from Nairobi to Mount Longonot, you’ll pass numerous lookout places on the escarpment. Mount Longonot, on the other hand, has something for everyone. It takes between 2 hours to climb and 45 minutes to trek up to the crater rim of Mt Longonot, Nonetheless, the amount of time we spend on the hike depends on our speed and stamina. You’ll need a walking stick for the first 3 kilometers or so of the hike since there are steep steps up the first half of the trail.

Sheer Adventure

Mount Longonot, an extinct volcano, rises like a monolith from the Great Rift Valley bottom. Within the mountain’s crater, a dense forest stands out. The lip of the crater offers stunning views of the Rift Valley, which extends to Lake Naivasha. How else would you love to explore, see and feel the Great Rift Valley? It is great in its great name and experience.

Mount Longonot Day Trip Hiking Tour Requirements:

  • A good pair of footwear for hiking; to be more comfortable while hiking, have a pair of woolen socks as recommend by hiking boots manufacturers
  • Sturdy cane. This is to help you walk through the hiking trails. The most significant kind of stick is one with adjustable spring tension. Every step of the way is on rugged terrain, and there are all the risks associated with climbing up a steep slope.
  • Carry your camera, sunscreen, and a sweater that you’ll be able to remove while climbing.
  • We’ll give you water; dehydration is a severe problem that should not be taken lightly. At the end of each section, and as needed, sip water.
  • Sometime if you feel you need a hiking thrill, carry a rucksack. This is a bag that allows you to add you weight and feel balanced and stable like a heavy machine on a windy speedy road. At the top of the rucksack, there’s enough room to fit one litter of water and a couple of sandwiches.

Major wildlife attractions at Mount Longonot include:

  • Elands
  • Bushbucks,
  • Common zebra
  • Giraffe
  • Grant’s gazelles
  • Warthogs
  • Divers bird species

Booking & Preparation

Upon confirmation of your booking for Mt. Longonot hike, we will prepare you for the hiking day. We will send to you a muscle preparation guide to help you prepare the muscles for the hike. This preparation help us in enjoying the hike since we will concentrate the energies to the experience rather than struggle to move.

Mount Longonot Hike & Lunch

We’ll begin our journey in Nairobi early in the morning at 5:30 am with a pickup from the hotel or in the CBD. En-route to the Rift Valley, we will have a stopover session for a brief about the Rift valley and the escapement at the rift valley view point. This opportunity introduces you to the mountain from a distance and enables you to capture early picture of the great icon, the rift. Soon after arrival at the gate, we will have a briefing, loading and checking out for the great experience. We will hike through, enjoy each step, go round the crater to kilele ngamia, the highest point in Mt. Longonot. Soon after we will enjoy the captions and descend to our starting point. At around 1:30 pm, the trip will conclude with a delicious lunch at the Mount Longonot point zero. This is where you will share light moments, pictures and see to appreciate the experience. Soon after lunch and relaxation. We will then travel back to Nairobi, where the hike will conclude.

Skeleton 1 Day Mt. Longonot Hike

Time Activity Caption
5:30 am Nairobi Pick-up (Hotel/CBD) & Departure Boarding
6:00 am Checking out Briefing & departure
6:45 am Rift valley stopover Rift valley view and photography
7:15 am Gate arrival and warming up.

Ascending hike, adventure, bird watching, wildlife spotting

Ascending views & Wild animals viewing

Photography & Scenic views

9:30 am Peak arrival


Cooling breeze and crater view

Panoramic view & relaxation

10:30 am Hiking round the crater Wildlife and nature touch
11:30 am Descending the mountain


Descending captions and wildlife spotting
12:30 pm Lunch Social games and photo sharing
2:00 pm Debriefing & departure for Nairobi Traversing
3:00 pm Nairobi Drop off (Hotel/CBD) Hugs & cheers!


We are here to help you enjoy adventure with your little saving. Your little saving can take you to the top of the rift valley. Why live so calm while the trails are calling. Let’s take you there!


  • Specialized bilingual guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance fees (Cable and car and Moon Valley)
  • Box lunch water, banana apple and chocolate
  • Departure Taxes
  • Entry Fees
  • 5 Star Accommodation
  • Airport Transfers

Tour Plan

First hour Departure

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Second hour The South Coast
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Tour Map


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