We will depart Nairobi at 5:00 a.m. on this 1-day Mt. Kenya Hike. The journey from Nairobi along the Thika super highway will approximately take us two hours. The distance between Nairobi and Mount Kenya National Park is approximately 138-kilometres. Most of the time, the roads are in excellent shape since it is a highway. To access Mount Kenya national park, there normally three approaches that include Naro Moru Route, the Sirimon Route, and the Chogoria Route.

Breakfast at the Foot of Mt. Kenya

As soon as we arrive at the national park gate, we’ll directly head to the restaurants for some distinctive breakfast to take us through the hike. The breakfast features a wide selection of dishes grown in Central Kenya. Normally, breakfast, lunch, and dinner can all be enjoyed on the patio or inside around the original great fireplace. We begin our day with a buffet-style breakfast and then move on to our primary task for the day, the fun hike.

Morning Mt. Kenya hike

The hike begins at the park entrance and ascends to over 3,000 feet through the Gallery forest. For ornithologists, people who love bird watching, the morning hour hike provides a chance to glimpse a wide allay of bird species including the mountain unique bird species. Bird watchers will delight in these strolls, allowing them to take in the variety of wild hidden birds in the natural plantation. Moreover, animal lovers will not only see the best of wildlife but have a rare chance to enjoy seeing the Gravy Zebras frolicking in the woodland.

Nonetheless, a day trip to the Moorland includes a drive up to Old Moses Camp and a trek into the Moorland. Spectacular views of alpine vegetation can be seen from this location. Nothing beats this beautiful experience. But since it is a day hike, we will driving to Old Moses Camp, where our one day Mt Kenya hike climb begins through the barrow. Here, the Moorland offers a modest hike through beautiful vegetation, with the possibility of seeing the spectacular standing peaks of Kenya from the distance.

Mt. Kenya Hike Experience

There are three common routes to Mt. Kenya hiking experience. The three routes to hike Mt. Kenya National Park include:


The Noro Moru Route is best accessed from the west, a route that access the mountain through Naro Moru town. On this hiking route to Mackinders, we’ll encounter the infamous ‘Vertical Bog,’ which rises for an hour or so above Met Camp before descending into the Teleki Valley. To reach the Austrian Hut which is at the base of Lewis Glacier, which has receded dramatically in the last two decades due to global warming, climbers must first spend the a day acclimatizing before beginning their ascent early in the morning on a steep zigzag route through the loose ground. This is a form of preparation to hikers taking the hike for more than one day.

This route include a trek via Ferrata giving additional spectacular scenery. The Austrian Hut is a great place to begin your ascent of the summit ridge, but the Naro Moru approach to the top is an adrenaline rush for those who want to enjoy the awe-inspiring vistas of craggy peaks. Chogoria and Sirimon are the two most popular descents from the summit, while the Sirimon route and Naro Moru route are viable options. Would you consider this route for a day or week hike? We’re always ready to offer you the best option.


The Chogoria Route to Mount Kenya just like the Noro Moru Route, does not necessitate any climbing expertise. This is our most popular descent path, but you may also take the Chogoria trail, arguably the most picturesque trekking route. Via this route, we normally begin and end our hike from Embu. For ease in access, we usually use 4×4 tour jeep transportation to get there. Through this route, it is easy to access Mt. Kenya Lenana peak by hiking through a trail that passes through the Gorges Valley and the Lewis Glacier to the Lenana peak. On this route, you’ll enjoy panoramic views and find lakes and tarns to explore. Would you prefer to hike Mt. Kenya via Chogoria route? The most adventurous route? We are always ready to take you there.


The Sirimon route is alternatively known as the preaching route, smart tips we tell you why during the hike. This is the least strenuous of the three treks to Point Lenana. The Sirimon route can be assessed from Nanyuki town and also from Naro Moru for hikers that want to hike the mountain for five-days. The preaching route offers a variety of landscapes and a delightful hike, making it a great option if paired with the Honoria route’s downhill descent from the mountain.

Animals to Spot in Mt. Kenya hike

  • Elephants
  • Tree hyrax
  • Mongoose,
  • Black fronted duikers
  • Mole rats
  • Bushbucks,
  • Waterbucks,
  • Elands
  • Leopards,
  • Black rhinos
  • And buffaloes.

Skeleton 1 Day Mt. Kenya Hike

Time Activity Caption
5:00 am Nairobi Pick-up (Hotel/CBD) & Departure Briefing
7:30 am Arrival, Breakfast & Racking Nature assimilation & serene caption
8:00 am Ascending hike, adventure, bird watching, wildlife spotting, forest walks Birding & Wild animals viewing

Photography & Scenic views

12:30 pm Lunch at days tip Panoramic view & relaxation
1:00 pm Descending through forest Wildlife and nature touch
4:00 pm Debriefing & departure for Nairobi Social games and photo sharing
6:00 pm Nairobi Drop off (Hotel/CBD) Hugs & cheers!


On this single day hike, we will begin our journey back to Nairobi at around 5:00 pm after the explorative hiking day. What beats such a well forested hike? Help us customize this to your preference and allow us to explore Mt. Kenya National park. It is a good hike for people preparing to take a 5 day hike to the top of Mount Kenya National Park, an adventurous world heritage site. Your little saving can take you to the top of Kenya. Let’s take you there!


  • Specialized bilingual guide
  • Private Transport
  • Entrance fees (Cable and car and Moon Valley)
  • Box lunch water, banana apple and chocolate
  • Departure Taxes
  • Entry Fees
  • 5 Star Accommodation
  • Airport Transfers

Tour Plan

First hour Departure

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Second hour The South Coast
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Tour Map


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