Destination Adventure Plan

Have you ever wondered how to settle for an ideal destination for adventure? So you are done with a week, month or year’s daily working routine and it’s time to unwind. What do you plan for?

The idea of a vacation or adventure hits your mind. You become all excited, but within a fraction of a second, the joy ends. The shock of reality that you have no idea on where to visit and how to get there hits you harder than a lightening. Several ideas flash in and out of your mind, but none brings in an ideal destination for you.

It is therefore paramount to have a collection of ideal destinations for your adventure before the adventure day nears. Here are tips to help you make a prior plan for your ideal touring destination.

  1. Make prior plans

As the year comes to a close, we all take a special moment and write all our New Year resolutions that are precise goals and targets to be attained. We write diligently ensuring that all is captured and self is placed on a higher scale of improvement. The development is listed on positive ground. Winding up the list, most people write a slogan that will act as a booster to instil consistency and discipline towards goal attainment. For example, ‘No Procrastination’ is a useful slogan for the attainment of set targets.

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Similarly, adventure should take the same lane of planning. If you are an adventurous person, write your New Year Adventure list after your New Year resolution. If you are not an adventure person, slot the need to become an adventurer in your New Year resolutions, and then create an Adventure List. Open an Adventure Account with a bank or develop a Home-Saving strategy.

This saving plan ensures none of your planned tours is procrastinated. Highlight all days of the month that you are free from work that you feel are special days that you can have an adventure. One may consider specific seasons of the year that are suitable for adventure.

For example, summer or sunny season offers ideal weather for recreation.  Also, list places you would wish to visit in that coming year. Always include a destination that will be challenging for you since it’s with a new experience that you will register personal growth.

  1. What is your budget?

We all have different financial abilities. Design destinations that will not strain your pocket. The Adventure Saving Account should be used to determine a destination. Expensive destinations in the Adventure List should appear on a day when there has been adequate prior saving.

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In case the cost of a touring destination is to be cost-shared, a budget ought to be laid so that the individuals know what amount is to be contributed. All costs for the adventure, including accommodations, meals, and emergency should be from the Adventure Saving Account. Such budgeting creates ease while travelling and after adventure since there is no financial strain.

  1. Define adventure

Adventure is of different meaning to different individuals. To some, adventure is simply going to Mombasa-Kenya and walk on one of its beaches barefoot. To others, swimming in the Indian Ocean, and surfing on the waters. Moreover, others prefer boat riding, and sleeping in one of Mombasa-Kenya luxurious, elegant beach hotels is adventurous.

What is an adventure to you? Define it to know where to visit. List activities that you love, the experiences you value and the place you wish to visit. Would you wish to simply hike, interact with a particular community, or have a learning adventure such as learning how to fish?

Use your list of activities and experiences to enjoy. Additionally, you can now go online to search for destinations that offer your desired adventure activities. You may also opt to contact a tour company to help you settle on a destination that suits your defined adventure. Knowing what you want enables you to decide on a fun destination without disappoints.

  1. Consider the itinerary design

A touring destination greatly determines the design of the itinerary. A week that has been set for adventure requires a well laid out itinerary. A package provided by a Touring Company should have activities for the individual days of the week listed in details. Always choose a destination that offers all your desired adventure activities in one get-a-away.

How to settle for an ideal Destination for Adventure

  1. Decide whether you want a group or private adventure

Do you want a moment of ‘Me, Myself and I’? Do you require time for you to be far from everyone and have some ‘me’ moments?

Plan for a solo adventure ensuring that only what you love is on the list. Go where you want without any apologies. Re-visit a destination if need be, to satisfy your urge to have fun on that particular day, week or month.

Choosing to have fun with friends, it’s humane to consider your friends’ or family’s definition of adventure. You may opt to list everyone’s interest of a destination or fun activities then choose a destination that caters for all thee interests.

Alternatively, decide on setting out to go where a member decides, then later allow the other member to decide on a place to visit.

  1. Consider what causes an adrenaline rush

Adventure is all about having fun. Fun can also be created by doing what you fear most. Knowing that you can face your fears is a joy to behold. Life is all about having new experiences and creating memories. Therefore go for that adventure that makes your adrenaline rush above its normal rate.

Are you afraid of heights? Go for a High-Rope challenge, Rock climbing or Hiking. Afraid of a large water body, go for a boat ride or swimming in an ocean. Take a risk and include that specific adventure experience that you fear and you’ll realise that’s where true adventure lies.


Following the six tips, settling for a touring destination becomes easy and ensures that you explore widely. Touring becomes cheap and paves the way for a better life since you live a life of adventure. You are able to balance work and fun. The fact that we have only one life to live calls for doing what makes life worth living.

Let’s informatically take you there!